Rex Lake

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Rex Lake lies in a basin of sedimentary rock, which is ideal habitat for crayfish. Where crayfish are abundant, so are smallmouth bass, and Rex Lake has some of the largest, healthiest smallmouth bass that Canadian fly-in fishing trips have to offer. “If you’ve ever wanted to add a trophy bass to your life list,” says Gene Halley. “This is the place to do it.”

“The small mouth bass fishing on Rex is unbelievable. We usually walk the trail down to Little Rex Lake to catch our walleye, then over to Moose for some northern action. But I have to say there’s nothing like the bass fishing on big Rex. I’ve fished all over the place and I’ve never seen anything like it. You can use a fly-rod, a spinning rod, whatever. Just about anything you throw in there, they’ll hit it. Some days, when it’s just right, two guys can catch 100 bass. In fact, don’t print this. I don’t want anybody else to discover it.”

Mike Season, Elmhurst, Illinois

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