What happens if I am over my 100 lb per person weight limit?

Please adhere to this weight limit. If you are over your limit, it will mean a larger airplane at an increased cost to your group, or the need to charter an extra flight altogether. The following are a few suggestions to help you pack.

Fishing gear: There is really no need to bring an old, heavy, large tackle box filled with a whole bunch of tackle that you will not need. A handy item is a smaller tackle bag with removable compartment boxes. Fill up each box with lures for different angling needs, and you are set to go.

Clothing: We suggest that you invest in a good rainsuit, as well as light weight clothing that can be layered up for warmth or removed as required, and a pair of thermal underwear if coming early in the spring or late in the fall. There is a good variety of “fishing apparel” on the market, that include lightweight clothes that are designed to be quick drying as well as offering protection from the sun. Zip off pants and 2 in one jackets are also a great idea.

Food: Tinned foods are heavy as is bottled water, sodas, and beer! We provide all of your ice as well as drinking water in the cabins in 5 gallon jugs. If you would like to bring a small case of individual bottled water that can be refilled from the water provided, this is ok. Any beer brought into the outposts must be canned beer, not bottled. Canned vegetables such as potatoes should be kept to a minimum. Fresh veggies and fruits are lighter, and powdered mashed potato mixes and other dried foods are tasty and work well.

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