The best Northern Pike fishing in Ontario

Chase Lake Outpost

Chase Lake has been a favorite spot for our guests because of its fishing and wildlife sightings. As part of the Bird River and bordering on the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, this lake is known for its healthy walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike fishery. You can choose to go in a different direction every day and never fish in the same place twice because this lake is 5 miles from east to west and 10 miles from north to south.

The Cabin

Established 20+ years ago, we rebuilt the cabin in 2015 constructed of square timbers cut from the surrounding forests, the cabin has four bedrooms, a very spacious living area, 2 full bathrooms with showers and 2 flush toilets, well-appointed kitchen and a spectacular view of the lake through the bank of windows running the entire front wall. The solar system is more than capable of handling the lights and electric fridge without the noise of a generator to disturb the solitude. Enjoy your time here on the front deck, planning tomorrow’s fishing strategy.

Cabin Info

Minimum Guests: 4
Maximum Guests: 12
4 bedrooms, 12 single beds

Main Fish Species

Northern Pike
Smallmouth Bass


You can pre-order your bait and we will have it ready for when you arrive. Also, for lengthier stays, we will deliver your bait throughout your stay.


Six 16′ Alumacraft boats with 15 hp motors with electric start

Flight Time

20-25 minutes in the air from River Air in Minaki, Ontario

Portage Lakes

Little Chase
A 75 yard portage to fish walleye and northern pike

Midway Lake
Accessible by boat for catching walleye and northern pike

Eagle Lake
Accessible by boat for catching walleye and northern pike

2023 Availabilities for Chase Lake

May & June 2023

May 20 – 27 for 4-12 people

May 27 – June 03 for 4-12 people SOLD

June 03 – 10 for 4-12 people SOLD

June 10 – 17 for 4-12 people SOLD

June 17 – 24 for 4-12 people SOLD

June 24 – July 01 for 4-12 people SOLD

July 2023

July 01 – 08 for 4-12 people SOLD

July 08 – 15 for 4-12 people SOLD

July 15 – 22 for 4-12 people SOLD

July 22 – 29 for 4-12 people SOLD

July 29 – August 05 for 4-12 people

August 2023

August 05 – 12 for 4-12 people SOLD

August 12 – 19 for 4-12 people SOLD

August 19 – 26 for 4-12 people SOLD

August 26 – September 02 for 4-12 people SOLD

September 2023

September 02 – 09 for 4-12 people SOLD

September 09 – 16 for 4-12 people SOLD

September 16 – 23 for 4-12 people SOLD

We strive to keep our online availabilities up-to-date, however it is always best to call us for current availabilities. We look forward to hearing from you! Call 1-800-617-1906 today!


What to Bring?

We supply:

  • Float plane travel to and from the outpost
  • Accommodations in our log cabins
  • Check flights every 2 days, weather permitting
  • Solar power with backup generator
  • Hot & cold running water
  • Indoor showers
  • Woodstove for heat
  • Box spring & mattress beds
  • Pillows and mattress pads
  • Fridge & stove
  • Stove top toaster
  • Kitchen utensils, dishes, pots, & pans
  • Cups, glasses, & plates
  • Coffee pot
  • First-Aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Axe
  • All ice, block and cubes
  • Propane BBQ
  • Propane fish cooker
  • Deck chairs
  • Clothes lines and pins
  • Lake maps
  • Boats, motors & gas
  • Floatation devices
  • Landing nets & paddles
  • Minnow and leech buckets
  • Toilet paper
  • Satellite phone (minutes extra)
  • Memories of a lifetime

You should bring:

  • Passport and identification. If driving, children under 16 require only a birth certificate and permission letter from both parents allowing you to cross the US/Canada border with the child.
  • Sleeping bags & pillow slips
  • Medication (plus a few extra days’ worth)
  • Rain gear & warm clothing
  • Rubber boots, extra footwear, and socks
  • Personal towels and toiletries
  • Dishtowels and cloths
  • Extension cords for CPAP machines
  • Camera and flashlight
  • Extra batteries for your electronics
  • Hats, sunglasses & sunscreen
  • Bug repellent and mosquito coils
  • Playing cards, reading material
  • Waterproof matches and lighter
  • Fishing rods—at least 2 per person
  • Tackle, fishing line, and clippers
  • Filet knife and sharpening stone
  • Stringer and multi-tool
  • Needle nose pliers or hook-out (no jaw spreader)
  • Portable depth finder
  • Small backpack for portages, and cooler for boats