Triple Crown Fishing Trips

Hello one and all and welcome to the Halley’s Camps, Lodges and Outposts October News. Who amongst our readers knows what a Triple Crown Fishing Trip is? Well, that is what we call it when an angler is able to catch a trophy fish in 3 species, in one trip. We have had a few of these trips here at Halley’s. This past September we have had one of our long time guests have a TRIPLE CROWN DAY! Actually, all three of his trophy fish were caught in a SINGLE MORNING!!!

Long time guest David Freers calls it a grand slam morning, but no matter what you call it, I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that it was a great time out on the water! His trophies included a 19″ smallmouth bass, followed by a 41″ northern pike, photo included below, and then to round things off he caught a 27″ walleye, and all were caught before noon! David has been coming to Halley’s for 30 years and always comes in September for the fantastic fishing.

Grand Slam Fishing Trip

The story is not done there though. A few days prior to David’s Grand Slam, or Triple Crown, He and his fishing pal Bill Angell went on a muskie fly out with George to our muskie lake. A total of 14, yes, 14 muskies were caught on that particular day. David says that is is one of the best muskie days ever… I’ll say!

Fall Muskie Fishing

Fall Muskie Fishing

Didn’t we tell you that September is a great time for a fishing trip?

A few more photos from our guests…

Walleye Fishing Vacation

Trophy Walleye Fishing Trip

Lake Trout Fishing


Just a little reminder to let you know… For those of you who have spots reserved for 2009, deposits are due November 1st. If you have not yet booked your spot……

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