Summer of the monster pike!

Trophy WalleyeJudging from the photos below, this is the summer of the monster northern pike. The fishing has been pretty terrific all around though! And Trapline lake Outpost is still the hot spot for those trophy walleyes – at least photo wise, that is! Pictured at the left is a 30 inch walleye from Trapline Lake Outpost, caught trolling with a Rapala X Rap.

42 1/2 inch northern pike41 inch trophy northern pikePictured to the right is a 41 inch Northern Pike and a 42 1/2 inch Northern Pike. Guest Comments: “Of course the guys have been coming to the outposts for 15 years…and we “women” catch the big ones on our first trip (to Caribou Falls Landing)! Thanks for a great week of fishing!”

39 inch northern pikeNorthern Pike FishingGuest Comments: “Kathy’s northern (photo left) was over 39 inches. This fish put on a good show splashing and diving time and again. Kathy was fishing with a jig and 8 lb line. Phyllis’s northern (photo right) was 35 inches and was netted holding onto a 12 inch walleye. I thought you would like to see the ones that didn’t get away, but were released to be caught again. Once again the women out fished the men.”

Below is a picture from Amber of Grandma and Chris out on the quad looking for berries. Today she went out picking and picked a couple gallons at least – They are the thickest Gram has ever seen!

Blueberry PickingWe just thought it would be nice include a picture of Gram still being able to get out and do what she loves! Grandma has always done her best to keep all the camps stocked up with blueberries.

For as long as I can remember, picking berries was a must do, and at least once a season, she had us grandkids in tow for company and an extra hand at picking. Although, I don’t really remember us kids actually filling up any buckets at all, as it was usually hot and dry, and more of the blueberries ended up in our stomachs than in the pail. That didn’t really matter much even though gram would chide us for eating more than we picked, and we always ended up heading home with gallons upon gallons of blueberries.

Once home, the berries would get a rudimentary sorting from any stray leaves or twigs that may have ended up in the mix by gently pouring the berries from one container to another and allowing the wind to separate the debris from the fruit, winnow style. Then would come the blueberry pies, blueberries and cream, and an all time favourite, blueberry pancakes. Delicious!

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