New Lodge for your fishing vacation at Caribou Falls Landing

Welcome to the Halley’s Camps, Lodges and Outposts March Newsletter. We hope that everyone has had a safe and happy winter! In these parts, March is the month of the big melt (we hope!). The temperatures are warming, and already we can notice a change in the quality of our snow! One of the things we always used to take note of was the weather on the first day of March – following the old adage “In like a lamb, out like a lion”, or vice versa. This year, March 1st dawned clear and cold, but by the end of the day was overcast with a few snow flurries, so it was decidedly lion-like. That means that we can expect some lovely spring weather for the first of April!

Caribou Falls Landing Construction Photo

Caribou Falls Landing Construction Photos: A few shots of the construction of the new 3,200 square foot lodge have finally arrived on my desk, taken the end of February… These photos do not really give the project the justice it deserves, but I thought that I would share them with you anyway! Things are moving along swiftly now. The flooring has been ordered, the finishing is happening, and soon it will be time for the big job of installing the fixtures and furniture. The best part will come when we can finally decorate and restock!

Caribou Falls Landing Construction PhotoAgain this photo was taken from the dining area in the new lodge.The first set of stairs leads to the kitchen. The second set of stairs leads to the new store area. Up the third set of stairs in the distance is the office area, and a view of what will be the bait and tackle shop. The windows on the far end wall in the bait and tackle shop are oriented towards the back bay and yard. To give an idea of the size of this room, you can just see a bit of Rob standing in the photo at the right.

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