Kudos to the Fishing Trip Planner

This post is dedicated to all those people who either volunteer or are elected to be the fishing trip leader / organizer for your party. On many occasions we at Halley’s Camps have discussed across the reservation desk our admiration for the person who must make all of the arrangements and ask all of the necessary questions on behalf of the group. This can be quite a daunting task with such a variety of accommodations, travel logistics, and fishing opportunities available – especially for the first timer. A big round of applause goes out to you!

Fly In Pike FishingTrophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing Now for the fishing photos…. pictured here are some great photos sent in by our guests on a mid September stay at Moosehorn Lake Outpost. Great photos! And finally… pictured below is a photo of George taken this past summer with a pretty nice muskie!

Trophy MuskieThe Caribou Falls Landing Construction Update: Well folks, there is no turning back now! Construction is in full swing on the new lodge at Caribou Falls Landing. The old store has been cleared out and demolished… gone forever. The site has been prepped, the footings have been set, and the foundation is being built as this newsletter is being written. Tune in next month for more updates!

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