Wilderness Fishing Vacation

Hello all and welcome to the August news. All is good up here at Halley’s, and summer is swinging right along… Had some fantastic folks come on up and stay with us, many of the great old usuals, plus a flurry of new fishing parties have become hooked on Halley’s Camps! The fishing has been steady, and we have a pretty thick log of registered trophy catches to date!

The wildlife viewing has been unbelievable this summer out on the lake. We have had sightings of bear, moose, and plenty of loons and eagles. The funniest of them all was the mallard drake at Kettle Falls wandering around with two hens in his wake. And, last but not least was the lynx sighting. This lynx was spotted crossing the water one afternoon in mid July by some of our usual summer guests.

Swimming Lynx

Who says that cats don’t like to swim?

Trophy Walleye!

Tiger Musky

Check out the colouring on this beautiful tiger musky from our fly in lake!

Shorelunch spot

The latest project at Kettle Falls Lodge… A shore lunch shelter is being constructed onsite for use on those “not so sunny” days. Once the main pavillion is finished, there will be fire pits added around the edges for cooking and warmth.


Another awesome sunset to finish off the day!

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