Merry Christmas from the Halley Family!

Hello one and all and welcome to the Halley’s Camps, Lodges and Outposts December 2008 newsletter. Winter is officially in full swing here in Northwestern Ontario. Not too much snow on the ground as of yet, but that will come. It has been the perfect temperature for making good ice, and soon we will be getting out and about on our snowmobiles. The photo below is a snapshot taken of a small lake near here. You can see the early snowmobile tracks in the foreground, and a few braver individuals have already ventured across the frozen water.

Everyone is doing well, we are all plugging along and taking care of business. But we are looking forward to relaxing a bit over the holiday season with the family, and then it will be off to the sport shows in January! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and yours a very happy holiday season, as well as wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity in the upcoming new year. Merry Christmas!

Canadian  Winter Scene

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