Fishing season has begun!

May 2007
Spring has arrived, and we are welcoming it with open arms! The weather has been progressing normally and we have been having a pretty average spring. The ice went out as usual during the last week of April on the smaller lakes and creeks, with the bigger lakes following suit.

At River Air in Minaki, the airplanes will be once again returning to their place at the dock, ready and waiting for our spring anglers! Wouldn’t you like to be here right now, getting set to head out to a private outpost or perhaps to one of our all inclusive lodges?

Turbine Otter

Pictured above: The Turbine Otter waits at the dock at River Air in Minaki for a trip to a great fishing destination.
Pictured below: Beautiful spring northern pike are hungry and waiting! This one was caught and released at Sharpstone Lake Outpost.

Trophy Pike!

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