December News

Winter is upon us once again! After a fairly decent autumn that held off the snow until just about the last week of November, we are finally in the thick of it. It has been snowing, snowing, and snowing! No real winter storms have hit us yet, although that is just a matter of time! We have had our first winter flight! The guys took off on skis from the airstrip at Minaki Aircraft Repair and did a quick reconnaissance up to One Man to circle over and have a look at the river conditions before landing back at the airstrip.

Winter PhotoThis photo was taken on November 27th from the deck at River Air in Minaki on the first “real” day of winter. The day dawned clear and cold, with temperatures ranging around -25 degrees Celcius (-13 F) in the morning and warming up to a balmy -20 degrees Celcius (-4 F) in the afternoon. Chilly! On the other hand, days like this are quite pleasing to the eye, and this is the perfect weather for making ice. For the most part, the weather has not been quite as cold all that regularly.

Caribou Falls Landing Lodge Construction Update: The shell has been completed and is closed in to keep out the winter weather. We are set to begin the wiring job in the new building. The insulation and vapour barrier have been delivered and are standing by in wait of completion of the electrical work. She is coming along nicely!

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