Darn Good Fishing!

As we enter the final official month of fishing season at the camps, we really do have to say that summer went by much too fast… Although, we are expecting some pretty nice end-of-summer weather into September, sunny skies and moderate temperatures. Mix that up with some pretty darn good fishing and you have yourself a great fishing vacation! Even though the weather lets us down on occasion, the fish still bite, and the warm hospitality, crackling fire and delicious food at the end of the day more than makes up for it!

Catch and Release Conservation FishingTrophy AnglerPictured on the left, a trophy pike is released back into the English River. How many readers out there remember the old catch phrase “Save the magic – Catch and release!” used at the inception of our conservation fishing policy? Pictured on the right is a photo taken at One Man Lake Lodge – Jeff presents a first time angler with a Trophy Angler hat and a Trophy Angler Certificate after an excellent day on the water!

Out With The Old and In With The New

“Grandma’s house” was a great place to be as a kid. Located at Halley’s Caribou Falls Landing, the building was huge and full of great places and things to explore. It had enough bedrooms for the entire family to stay should the need have called for it, and in the early years the entire family was often there, helping out when it was busy or just visiting Grandma and Grandpa when it was not so busy.

Down the hall from the main living area was the office space, and adjacent to that was the convenience store. As times were different back then, perhaps simpler, perhaps not, the store held more than just convenience items. It was chock full of the general store items that one might imagine would come in handy in some way or another, and loads and loads of groceries. A bi-weekly trip to town was the standing order to replenish the stock and pick up any maintenance items that were needed. Below the house and store was workshop space and the “ice house”. Full of large blocks of ice that had been cut from the frozen lake, the ice would keep all summer insulated in a thick layer of sawdust.

It was quite the place. In the spring of 1986 the building that not only Grandma’s house, but was also the place from which Halley’s Camps and outposts had grown and blossomed, burned to the ground taking with it a piece of everyone’s heart. No one was injured, and the Halley’s being a resilient lot, set to work to do what needed to be done. As the center of operations for Caribou Falls Landing had been destroyed, a new office and store needed to be rebuilt, and fast as the opening of fishing season was quickly approaching. Family and friends came together and, with a plan of attack, built the current store and office at Caribou. It took a mere three weeks to construct, for that was all the time we could afford the project.

That was the old. The new is coming soon! In the works for Caribou is a new “Lodge” that will take the place of the old store / office. The new main building will be a fresh look and a welcome addition for all! We will keep you updated on the progress throughout the construction process.

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