Fall Fishing at Halley's Camps, Lodges, and Outposts

Bass Fishing OntarioFly In Outpost Fishing TripWelcome to the Halley’s Camps, Lodges and Outposts November Newsletter. It hardly seems like fishing season is over, but here we are heading into November already! Pictured here to the left are some nice trophy length smallmouth bass from guests staying at a couple of our fly in outposts this fall. At Caribou Falls Landing the construction project on the Lodge is coming along nicely. The foundation and floor is done, the walls and partitions are up, and the trusses are are in place. A huge load of shingles has been shipped up to Caribou, and at the writing of this newsletter, are being put on the roof. Our aim is to have the entire lodge enclosed before the snow flies so that interior work on the 3,200 square foot building can continue throughout the winter months. We will keep you posted!

Ontario Fishing VacationAnother great catch and release photo from our September guests at Dowswell Lake Outpost… or did someone forget the camera at the cabin? Printed on the cardboard fish are a 33 1/2 inch northern pike from Bilko Lake, a 24 inch lake trout from Dowswell, a 40 inch pike from Sylvia and hundreds of walleye from Bilko and Sylvia.The caption on the third cardboard fish reads “Fish-Line Breakers – They were all this big!”

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