A few summer fishing photos

Northern Pike PhotoGreetings one and all and welcome to the July news. Things are really hopping now at Halley’s Camps, Lodges and Outposts, including the fishing! The weather has been great, mostly fair days, not too hot, and mostly sunny! Of course we still do have the occasional rainy day, but the fish don’t seem to mind at all! And, without rain, we are always concerned about the dryness in the forest and fire bans, but that has not been a problem this year. We have had a lot of great photos sent in from happy anglers, and I have included a selection for you. More photos can always be seen on our photo gallery pages, and updates are done whenever we have a few moments to sit at the computer!

As always, it is so nice to hear great comments about our business. Here are a few from our recent guests:

Muskie fishing lakeTrophy Bass Fishing“This was my son Matt and my 7th trip to Kettle….. and, believe it or not, they get better each year….. Just for the record…. we had 5 trophy Smallmouth this trip (and we weren’t even really trying), a trophy Northern (and, too many 34? to 37.5? to count), and a 43? muskie at Irregular (and, it is true… the northerns in Irregular are the toughest fighting fish I’ve ever experienced). By the way, we even caught 58 walleyes right off the dock at Kettle in just under 90 minutes….. WOW! We’ve already booked our return trip for ‘09….. ” Steven Zaudtke

“Looking forward to next year! You guys do an outstanding job.” Warren Laird (Sharpstone Lake Outpost)

“Great times this year as always.” Joe Dobbs

Walleye Fishing PhotoWalleye Fishing Camp“Again we enjoyed our short stay at Caribou Falls. Neal’s head is so big after catching a 41 inch Northern, I can’t believe it. Phyllis and Jamie caught the biggest walleyes while I quietly guided the boat…We look forward to seeing you July 2nd…Thanks to all your staff, they are the best.” Doug & Phyllis Prantner

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