About Us

The Outpost Company and Halley’s Camps have a long history in the outfitting business and would like to share our outdoors with you. Halley’s Camps has a family tradition of excellent and expert service to generations of sportsmen that spans over 55 years. We know what it takes to ensure our guests have the wilderness experience they come for.

All of us travel fairly extensively when we are not taking care of guests ourselves and have come to realize that where we live and what we have to offer our guests is truly hard to find anywhere else but here in Northwestern Ontario. We know that our specialized wilderness trips to remote cabins are exactly what people need to truly relax and get away from the pressures of daily life and demanding telephones. It is exactly what we look forward to when we do manage to squeeze in a day off here and there.

You know when you step on board that float plane in Minaki and it heads north over a land of vivid blue water and green pine trees that you are headed for a wonderfully relaxing trip to a land of quiet tranquility that is matched nowhere else in the world.

Below: The Halley Boys – from left to right – Gene, Chris, Rob & George

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