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7 Responses to Outpost Company Fishing Trip Blog

  1. Steve King says:

    Our third annual trip to the Wingiskus Outpost starts on Tuesday, May 30th. The year previous to that was at the Bee Lake Outpost. To say we’re excited, once again, is an understatement! The cabin is first rate. The fishing is almost machine like. Halley’s run a first rate operation and we hope to be trekking around “Halley’s Country” for years to come!

  2. John Hollinshead says:

    My fishing party is booked at Wingiskus in late July – this will be my 10th year with Outpost. I’ve fished and stayed at Bee and fished Wingiskus each time but this will be my first at the camp. We have always done well around the big ricks and islands. I’ve never fished Rickaby – is it any good? Any fishing tips? Hope you had a good trip.

  3. Peter Reicherter says:

    After talking about going on a trip to an outpost for over 10 years we finally booked a trip to Long Lake last year. I can’t say enough what an absolutely great time it was. It was even better then I had imagined over all the years. Like some one else mentioned – Halley’s run a first rate operation – is the truth. We couldn’t have had a better time or service. The Halley’s and there staff where great. We will definitely be going back again!

  4. Dan Staver says:

    We are taking our first trip to an outpost and are going to Bee Lake. We are more than a little excited and count the days. Any advice for first time visitors to Bee?

  5. Jim Butterworth says:

    Just got home from a week of fishing at Dowswell Lake. Had a great trip. Caught three trophy Smallmouth bass, hundreds of Walleyes, some nice pike and many good size Snallmouth Bass. Bait was the ticket for Walleyes while Kinami worms in a variety of colors fsihed wacky worm style killed the Smallmouth. As usual the Pike hit everything including top water plugs. We also saw several Moose and some Bald Eagles. We are already planning next years trip.

  6. Jim Buland says:

    We have a party of 6 going to Chase lake the last week of June and this is our 5th year and the fishing has been to say the least fantastic. We average 1000 – 1200 walleyes for the week that we are there. My personal best was 118 walleyes in a day. Northern and Smallmouth fishing is also good. Halleys run a first rate outpost cabin business, friendly staff, when there is a problem always take care of them with a smile. I have been to other outposts and NONE compare to Halleys.

  7. Bobby D. says:

    Going to moosehorne in Aug. does anybody have in info. on this lake?