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Hello Outpost Company guests of the past, present, and future! Welcome to the outpostcompany.com weblog (blog). This section of the Weblog consists of guest comments that have been posted by the Halley’s. Click on the comments link below to view comments of past guests. If you have pics to send, email them to [email protected] and we will post them on the outpostcompany.com website photo galleries!

The Halleys

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  1. outpostc says:

    Gene and Wanda,

    We had a great time fishing Moosehorn Lake.

    Kristie Kindstrom

  2. outpostc says:

    This is our second trip to Sharpstone but the first time we went
    in June. The fishing was phenomenal and the cabin looked great.

    Thanks for an outstanding trip, can’t wait until next year.

    Todd Sauders

  3. outpostc says:

    Had a great trip to Moosehorn and caught over 100 smallmouth bass every
    day!!! We actually caught 150 smallmouth bass, including one over 19
    inches and several 16-18 inchers, during a 195 minute period on Trout Lake.

    Many northern pike caught during the trip also with the largest being 34
    inches. Great time and I have attached a few photos of the trip.


  4. outpostc says:

    Good morning – just wanted to thank you again for the great cabin, great fishing and great service we had last week at Lake Salveson. It is one of the most memorable fly-in adventures we have taken in the past ten years! Thanks again and enjoy the pictures. The northern w/me in the Pink tshirt is 37″, the walleye w/me in the rain gear is 25″, the smallmouth w/Ed at the falls is the 20″ one that you gave him the Trophy Waters hat for and the northern w/Ed is 34″. All in all – it rocked!!!!

    Vicki Good

  5. outpostc says:

    We had a great time at Salveson Lake this past June!! We have been to numerous outpost cabins in the past 15 years and this cabin is head and hills above all others! The fishing was also excellent for northern pike and walleye, with some large smallmouth bass thrown in for good measure. We are definitely planning on making a return trip but to Rex Lake. I have already submitted my deposit and have asked others that are coming next year to submit theirs.

    Gary Hickman

  6. outpostc says:

    Dear gene and all the great folks at Halleys.

    Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the wonderful time we had while staying at Wingiskus outpost.The fishing could not have been better, we caught over 130 fish and a few trophy smallies during our stay!

    Your staff is the best,especially James,Rick,Rob and of course yourself. Your attention to detail and kindness really shines thru.

    The food was top notch and I actually put on 5 lbs! The cabin at Wingiskus was first rate and far better than other outposts I have been to over the past 15 years.

    I look forward to seeing you all again next year, and again thank you for a very memorable and wonderful time.

    Take care,be safe and have a great winter….stay warm!

    Steve Krom

  7. outpostc says:

    Just got home from our week at Bee Lake. Had a blast. We really enjoyed our stay and look forward to Wingiskus next year. All of the crew were super.

    Ed August